Please help!

My adult life certainly hasn’t gone as planned. I’ve sunk to extreme lows, become a person I don’t recognise or understand. I’ve caused a tremendous amount of damage to those I love and myself. My issues robbed me of my self respect, self worth and dignity and I can tell you that when all these basic foundations of your identity are gone it’s bloody hard to build yourself back up again. That’s exactly what I have been trying to do since 2017, rebuild my sense of self bit by bit. It’s not easy and some days are harder than others. Time goes on and whilst I know I must accept the past in order to move forward it’s challenging to heal. The last 5 years have seen so much stress, confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, and heartbreak it’s been pretty traumatic to be honest and it feels like it’s scarred my soul.

How can you help? Despite my flaws I’m a very compassionate person (I wouldn’t of trained as a Social Worker if I wasn’t – oh the Irony – yep, It’s not lost on me). Despite all the doom and gloom in the world I do firmly believe the world is a good place filled with good people.

I’m asking for everyone who reads or follows this blog to donate 1 pound (and if you can spare more that would be ace) to help me clear my debt. I’m asking for a second chance at life, a clean slate. Because without some help it will be impossible. The debt charity Stepchange (who I use and are incredible) have indicated that I’ll be 76 by the time my debt is cleared (I’m 32 now).

You could call it a social experiment, an act of kindness, a show of compassion, an acknowledgement, a nod of support. You could even call it crazy or brazen. All of those things are true I guess.

I want to be open and transparent about my experiences of poor mental health, addiction and debt. Now I realise my target is astronomically high (that is what I owe – to what feels like a million creditors) and i have no expectations, but with any support I do get it may put me in a position to negotiate with my creditors and offer partial and final settlements – which of course I will share with you all and keep you updated along the way.

Finally I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have chosen to support me you have my sincerest gratitude. You can donate my GoFundMe page or through Paypal or card by clicking below.

Thank you for showing me that someone can be forgiven and is worthy of a second chance. Thank you for trying to understand addiction and mental health and not judging me for it. Thank you for giving me hope that these things do not define me and I can still turn my life around.

If you wish to please leave a comment, your support and experiences are valued. Keyboard warriors need not apply their spiteful efforts as believe me there is no greater critic of myself than myself.

Be kind to yourself & take care x

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